What We Do

Technology is the gateway to limitless possibility. That idea you’ve been percolating – we want to help you bring that into the world. Whatever you need, we want to partner with you to solve the right problem in the right way.

We apply the disciplines of user experience design, software development, project management and quality assurance to our core services of mobile applications and websites.

What We Believe

  • The difference between good software and great software is attention to detail.

  • Communication makes or breaks a project.

  • Design is just as important as technology.

  • Simplicity is powerful.

Fast Facts

Some facts about our work and commitment.

  • 26,000+ Hours Worked
  • 17 Websites
  • 12 Apps
  • 13 Languages
  • 16,000+ Coffees

Who We Are

  • Logan Johnson

  • Sean Ooi